IRD (International Road Dynamics Inc.) supplies a complete line of traffic data collection and traffic safety products. Customers for these products include State and Federal DOT's, Cities and Towns, Counties, Municipalities, and private businesses.

Traffic Data Collection products include:

  • Traffic counters (vehicle & pedestrian counters)
  • Traffic classifiers
  • Portable WIM (weigh-in-motion)
  • Portable weigh pads.

With many of these devices, data can be read off of a display or downloaded to a computer. Using the software, traffic data can be organized into tables, graphs and charts.

IRD's traffic safety products are an effective way to communicate potential hazards to traffic, pedestrians and road workers. Warning light systems, dynamic message signs and auditable alarms are just some of the tools available. Many of these devices can be combined to provide a complete real-time informational safety system.

IRD's knowledgeable product sales representatives will be happy to help you to decide what type of product suits your specific needs.

Counters & Classifiers

IRD's vehicle counters and classifiers include accumulators, traffic classifiers, people counters, rack mounted traffic data computers, and radar-based non-intrusive traffic counter/classifiers. Some of our traffic counter and people counter products are available to purchase online (currently Cana…

Axle Sensors & Grout

IRD offers a complete line of axle sensors to meet your data collection needs. To complement the full line of sensors and road tube, IRD offers a complete line of road tube accessories, grouts, and epoxies to help you with the installation and setup of your sensors. IRD's products are available for…

Toll Products

IRD's toll products help make your roadways safer and more efficient. Products include?VectorSense?,?Toll Treadles and Emergency Call Boxes (ECB).? For information on these and other traffic products, please contact our products department so we can answer your questions and provide you with ad…

iCOMS Radar Warnings & Variable Message Signs

IRD's radar speed signs and microwave detection products aim to keep roads safe by alerting drivers of their speed. The signs display the speed information as well as personalized messages or pictograms. Select radar and variable message signs, people counters, traffic counters and accessories are …

Portable Axle Weighers

IRD offers a full line of portable vehicle weighers for both static and dynamic applications. The SAW Wheel Load Weigher is an electronic, low profile scale providing easy access for static vehicle weighing. The DAW 300 Weigh-in-Motion system is a completely portable Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) screening …


IRD offers a variety of access control and security products that help protect facilities from hidden explosives and unauthorized entrance/egress. These products can be used as stand-alone solutions?or integrated into complete access control and security systems. IRD's Under Vehicle Surveillance S…


IRD offers a full suite of software to help you process and analyze traffic data collected by Traffic Counters, Classifiers, IRD Virtual Weigh Station Systems, and WIM (Weigh-In-Motion) systems. Select people counters, traffic counters and accessories are available for Canada?and U.S.-based custom…

Intersection Detection

Intersection Detection?is an essential part of?traffic signal control systems. In order?to cope with?constant traffic growth, these systems need to be optimised for smoother traffic flow, less energy consumption and less CO2 emissions.?IRD's microwave vehicle and pedestrian detectors will help …

WIM Controllers

The iSINC? Electronics form the core of IRD's traffic and truck Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) systems. Out of the box, iSINC? performs a broad range of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) functions, from data collection and web-based traffic monitoring, to weigh-station automation. …

WIM Systems

IRD supplies Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) scale and sensor?systems for applications including weight enforcement, weight-based tolling (WIM@Toll?), traffic data collection, border/port security, and weighing at freight terminals. IRD's scales have been used in commercial vehicle weigh station bypass syst…

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VI2M is a web-based information management platform for commercial vehicle operations and traffic data collection.
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IRD is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of Truckers Against Trafficking, an organization that exists to educate, equip, empower and mobilize members of the trucking and travel plaza industry to combat domestic sex trafficking.
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